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Pooch & Paws Pet Travel

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Pet Transport, Pet Shipping and Pet Transportation throughout the UK, Europe and Overseas

Pooch & Paws Travel provides a comprehensive and professional UK pet transport service, we also offer overseas pet transportation and pet shipping service to a wide range of animal owners — including pet owners moving home or emigrating, smallholders, commercial breeders and enthusiasts.

Experienced handlers

The Pooch & Paws Travel team has many years of practical experience in pet transport, pet shipping, overseas pet transportation and handling dogs, cats, birds (including birds of prey), livestock, reptiles and exotic species, and dealing with the related regulations and paperwork.

Transport options

Pooch & Paws Travel provide animal transport and overseas pet transportation within the UK, to and from Europe, and throughout the world. We can arrange transport by road or air, depending on distance and your preference. Where it's feasible, we would always recommend transport by road — it's better for the animals and is often cheaper for you:

  • our customised vehicles regularly transport animals by road within the UK and Europe
  • we can arrange animal airfreight, provide courier-accompanied travel and organise private charter flights

Pricing policy and payment methods

We aim to make our service affordable without compromising the welfare of the animals we transport. Our scheduled services by road to France and Spain and within the UK enable costs to be shared among a number of owners.

You can pay by credit or debit card by calling our office line on 01206 728656. We accept cheques up to 14 days before the date of travel, sent by post to our address above. Cash can be accepted at point of collection only by prior arrangement — call our office line for a reference number.

All the details

For full details about what our pet transport, pet shipping and overseas pet transportation services can offer, and what you can do to make your animal's journey more enjoyable.

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